Blair is an 18-year-old creative from Oakland, CA currently at Cal State Long Beach. She is a photographer and filmmaker who lives for surprises.

What do you do creatively? How would you describe your art?
I am a photographer, film student, overall art director and enthusiast. My art is very me. I'm from Oakland, a very diverse, beautiful, and hyphy place so those elements are very predominant themes in what I do.

When and why did you start?
I started because I fell in love with it. I slowly and more often began taking photos of everything around me. I had been playing basketball my whole life and my love for my creative side sort of eclipsed my passion for hoop. And I'm not one who can do something that I don't love. I have to really love what I'm doing. So after my junior year of high school, we had just won the state championships too, I made a wild decision that I was gonna see where I could go with this whole camera thing. Best decision I’ve ever made for myself, and everyone still sorta thinks I'm crazy for it, especially the adults in my life.

Where are you from. Where are you currently based?
Oakland, California is my hometown. I'm currently at Cal State Long Beach starting on my track to major in Film / minor in Business. Every weekend I'm up in Los Angeles for different obligations and shoots though.

How has where you’re from influenced your art?
Oakland, the Bay Area, that's everything about me. The cultural melting pot and booming art scene is an amazing environment.

What/Who inspires your work?
Everyone I choose to surround myself with is an inspiration for me. All the artists from the Bay are really on their grind, doing their thing, so that inspires me to keep pushing myself.
Chris Simmons, David Camarena, Aris Jerome. Those guys really were the first ones to inspire me and get me thinking like, "I wanna do this".

What have you made/done that you’re most proud of?
I had an art show, the first and only so far to be hosted by Diamond Supply Co along with two of my best friends/brothers Elan Watson and Dan Franco. We had that last June in their store on Haight St. in San Francisco.

What are you currently working on?
I'm currently working on my first music video for this really dope all around artist and friend, for one of her songs called Cruise. It should be dropping very shortly. I am putting more effort and time into doing more video as well as collaborating with stylists on some portrait shoots.

What do you have planned for the future?
I want to hit the road; travel with some artists, that's definitely high on my list. Overall, I want to be happy, and continue to create opportunities for myself to be able to continue being an artist. I want to graduate college too. I don't wanna give away TOO much about what I have planned, I'm a fan of surprising people.

Eileen: A bit about the author

Eileen: A bit about the author